Chaos Space Marines


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    Battleforce Chaos Space Marines Vengeance Warband Powiększ

    Battleforce Chaos Space Marines Vengeance Warband

    Games Workshop


    Battleforce Chaos Space Marines Vengeance Warband

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    Duży zestaw modeli do gry Warhammer 40000.

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    Let the galaxy burn with the Vengeance Warband – a massive battleforce set for Warhammer 40,000 that gives you a vast fighting force of Chaos Space Marines. Ideal for kicking off a new Chaos Space Marines force or expanding your existing legions, this boxed set contains a sizeable Patrol Detachment. Inside, you'll find troops, heavy infantry, a transport and a dark overlord to lead your forces to war. What’s more, this set will save you money compared to getting the kits inside separately.

    This set contains:
    1x Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour, a dark overlords with a variety of weapon options who can also be built as a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator armour
    10x Chaos Space Marines, foot soldiers of the Dark Gods armed with your choice of bolters or close combat weapons, with options for heavy and special weapons
    5x Terminators, elite of the Traitor Legions clad in heavy warplate and armed with a variety of deadly weapons
    5x Havocs, heavy weapon specialists armed with a dizzying array of ordnance
    1x Chaos Rhino, the ideal transport for your traitorous forces
    2x Chaos Space Marine transfer sheets, perfect for adding Legion-specific details to your models

    This set is supplied with 10x 32mm round bases and 11x 40mm round bases.