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    New Battleforce Drukhari Poisonblade Raiding Party View larger

    Battleforce Drukhari Poisonblade Raiding Party

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    Battleforce Drukhari Poisonblade Raiding Party

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    Shred your enemies before they’ve had a chance to react with the Poisonblade Raiding Party – a massive battleforce set of Drukhari models sure to satisfy any Archon. Ideal for expanding or starting off a Drukhari or Ynnari army, it contains a balanced selection of models that are idea for a Patrol Detachment. It’ll also save you money compared to getting the kits inside separately.

    1x Archon, cunning overlord of the Drukhari Kabals,
    20x Kabalite Warriors, frontline troops of the Kabals equipped with splinter rifles and a choice of heavy and special weapons
    3x Reavers, ridiculously fast jetbikers who decapitate foes in high-velocity charges
    1x Venom, a light transport that’s ideal for getting your Archon across the battlefield
    1x Razorwing Jetfighter, a rapid-strike flyer armed with a variety of guns and missiles
    1x Talos, a hulking biomechanical monstrosity than can also be built as a Cronos
    1x Drukhari Transfer Sheet, ideal for adding fine detail and markings to your models when painting them

    This set is supplied with 21x 25mm Round Bases, 1x 120mm Oval Base, 3x Small Flying Bases, 2x Large Flying Bases and 1x Flying Stem.