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    Battleforce Nighthaunt Court of the Craven King Powiększ

    Battleforce Nighthaunt Court of the Craven King

    Games Workshop


    Battleforce Nighthaunt Court of the Craven King

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    Duży zestaw modeli do gry Warhammer 40000.

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    Harness the horrifying Nighthaunts with the Court of the Craven King army set – a boxed set containing a horde of sinister spectres. Designed to be perfect for starting a new army or expanding an existing one, this jam-packed army box contains a vast selection of Nighthaunt models, from standard troops to terrifying elites like the Bladegheist Revenants. It’ll even save you money compared to getting the kits inside separately.

    This set contains:
    1x Kurdoss Valentian, the insidious Craven King, a taciturn slayer of champions
    10x Dreadscythe Harridans, terrifying spectres who excel at scything through infantry
    10x Bladegheist Revenants, manic spirits capable of carving through the most durable enemy units
    5x Hexwraiths, shock cavalry of the Nighthaunt, alternatively buildable as Black Knights
    10x Chainrasps, durable front-line infantry of the Nighthaunt’s armies
    10x Grimghast Reapers, deadly combatants armed with ghostly scythes

    This set also includes 10x 25mm Round Bases, 30x 32mm Round Bases, 1x 60mm Round Bases and 5x 60mm Oval Bases.