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    Genestealer Cults Locus

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    Genestealer Cults Locus

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    Zestaw plastikowych modeli do gry Warhammer 40.000.

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    Stoic and inhumanly patient, the Locus can go from sombre stillness to a blur of motion in an eye-blink. This sudden eruption of violence is as startling as it is deadly. Like a Lictor jumping from the shadows, the Locus makes a lightning-fast decapitating strike, their twin sabres flashing through the fog of battle to take the head of their foe.

    If you want to keep your Genestealer Cults leaders safe, you want a Locus. This unit is the ultimate bodyguard, capable of intercepting wounds and striking down enemies before they've even had the chance to get at your Patriarch, Magus, Primus, or champion of choice!

    This kit lets you build a Locus with a choice of four different heads – one with a hood down, one with a hood up, and two unhooded. These are great for personalising your models, while the spares are compatible with a host of other Genestealer Cults models.

    This kit is supplied in 11 plastic components and contains a 32mm round base.