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    Genestealer Cults Sanctus

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    Genestealer Cults Sanctus

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    Zestaw plastikowych modeli do gry Warhammer 40.000.

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    Sanctuses are the favoured blades of their Patriarch, assassins whose task it is to eliminate any who oppose the cultists’ ascension to glory. Like creeping shadows they slip into the most heavily guarded facilities, seeking out their targets and eliminating them with merciless precision.

    The Sanctus is a specialist assassin in your Genestealer Cults army, capable of appearing from nowhere and slaying your enemy’s favourite characters. Incredibly difficult to pin down or hit, he’s a fantastic disruption unit.

    You’ll be able to arm your Sanctus with your choice of silencer sniper rifle or Sanctus bio-dagger – the former is superb for killing psykers, while the latter makes the Sanctus into a brutal close-combat fighter.

    This kit is supplied in 10 plastic components, and contains a 32mm round base.