Vampire: The Eternal Struggle


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    Nowy VtES TCG (5 ed): Malkavian Powiększ

    VtES TCG (5 ed): Malkavian

    Black Chantry Productions


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    Rozmiar kartStandard CCG

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    Talia do gry Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

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    The Children of Malkav are called the lunatics of Kindred society, but just as often they are its oracles. They see the unseen and speak the unspoken truths that will haunt your mind. Make no mistake: they might seem eccentric, but the vampires of Clan Malkavian are serious players in The Eternal Struggle.

    This deck is a fast machine of devastation. Your vampires use Obfuscate stealth tactics to sneak past blockers and deliver heavy bleed attacks powered by Dominate. Your combat defense is limited, but who needs protection when your rivals are already ousted?

    Crypt: (12 cards)
    1 Ashley
    1 Dr. Stephen Norton
    1 Sully
    1 Colette
    1 Gelasia Fotiou
    1 Meaghan
    2 Andi Liu
    2 Alexander Silverson
    2 Donny Kowalczyk

    Library: (77 cards)
    1 Asylum Hunting Ground
    1 Barrens, The
    4 Blood Doll
    1 Dreams of the Sphinx
    1 Elder Library
    2 Life in the City
    1 Wider View
    12 Govern the Unaligned
    4 Revelations
    4 Bonding
    4 Cloak the Gathering
    4 Conditioning
    4 Faceless Night
    2 Foreshadowing Destruction
    4 Lost in Crowds
    4 Spying Mission
    4 Swallowed by the Night
    5 Deflection
    5 Eyes of Argus
    5 On the Qui Vive

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