Vampire: The Eternal Struggle


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    Nowy VtES TCG (5 ed): Nosferatu Powiększ

    VtES TCG (5 ed): Nosferatu

    Black Chantry Productions


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    Rozmiar kartStandard CCG

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    Talia do gry Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

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    The vampires of Clan Nosferatu are the creeping horrors of the night. Called “Sewer Rats” by some, they hide their grotesque appearance in the dark, using animals as spies and guards. They often take a passive part in The Eternal Struggle, but when they attack, they do so with immense force – their enemies never know what hit them.

    This deck starts slowly, building a domain with animal servants and other precautionary measures. You scare off early aggressors or lay traps for them. When the time is right, your vampires strike your enemies’ weak spots with their Potence and Animalism powers. Establish control over the game and put down your rivals one by one.

    Crypt: (12 cards)
    1x Aunt Linda
    1x Baixinho
    2x Belinde
    1x The Dowager
    1x Horace Radcliffe
    2x Larissa Moreira
    2x Lenny Burkhead
    1x Ryan
    1x Wauneka

    Library: (77 cards)
    1x Fame
    1x Guardian Angel
    1x Haven Uncovered
    1x The Labyrinth
    1x Rebel
    1x Slum Hunting Ground
    1x Smiling Jack, the Anarch
    1x Warsaw Station
    4x Vessel
    4x Creeping Sabotage
    6x Deep Song
    2x Preternatural Strength
    2x Underbridge Stray
    2x Murder of Crows
    2x Raven Spy
    4x Lost in Crowds
    2x Carrion Crows
    4x Immortal Grapple
    8x Roundhouse
    4x Taste of Vitae
    4x Cat’s Guidance
    4x Guard Dogs
    4x Instinctive Reaction
    5x On the Qui Vive
    4x Protected District
    4x The Warrens

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