Vampire: The Eternal Struggle


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    Nowy VtES TCG (5 ed): Ventrue Powiększ

    VtES TCG (5 ed): Ventrue

    Black Chantry Productions


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    Rozmiar kartStandard CCG

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    Talia do gry Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

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    Since ancient times, Clan Ventrue have been the royalty of the night, holding the reins of both mortal and undead society. They master every aspect of The Eternal Struggle with political skill and powers of will-bending and thrall-making. If there is a city that the Ventrue don’t already rule, you can be sure that plans are being made…

    This deck applies constant pressure with both nefarious politics and heavy bleeding using Presence and Dominate. Your vampires are tireless, fueled with Fortitude powers, and can hail multiple actions towards your enemy each turn. Your defenses are sturdy, with resilient minions and abilities to redirect attacks.

    Crypt (12 cards):
    1x Alexa Draper
    2x Alice Chen
    1x Brock Sterling
    1x Chelsea Blake
    2x Horst von Brühl
    1x Madison
    1x Naomi Stewart
    1x Oshri Dahan
    2x Sybren van Oosten

    Library (77 cards):
    1x Anarch Troublemaker
    3x Blood Doll
    1x Information Highway
    1x Misdirection
    1x Uptown Hunting Ground
    1x Ventrue Headquarters
    1x Visit From the Capuchin
    2x Wider View
    8x Enchant Kindred
    4x Intimidation
    1x Ancilla Empowerment
    7x Kine Resources Contested
    5x Parity Shift
    4x Bewitching Oration
    4x Conditioning
    1x Daring the Dawn
    6x Freak Drive
    2x Voter Captivation
    4x Hidden Strength
    6x Majesty
    6x Deflection
    4x The Second Tradition: Domain
    4x Wake with Evening’s Freshness

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