Vampire: The Eternal Struggle


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    Nowy VtES: Danse Macabre Powiększ

    VtES: Danse Macabre

    Black Chantry Productions


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    Zestaw kart do gry Vampire: the Eternal Struggle

    Opis ze strony producenta w języku angielskim
    During a period in the 2010´s, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle was not in print, but the player community continued to create new cards. Most of these have never been printed – until now! Black Chantry Productions proudly presents:
    Danse Macabre

    This set is a fixed assortment of 90 cards to add to your Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collection. It focuses on the Sabbat sect, and contains:
    – 44 crypt cards, including powerful leaders like Dark Selina, Mimir and Badr, Shadow of Granada.
    – 46 library cards displaying sinister practices of the Sabbat, such as Marked Territory, Public Vilification and Under Siege.

    The contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the bundle.

    2 Karif al Numair – Assamite
    2 Dark Selina – Brujah antitribu
    2 Gold Pan Dan – Brujah antitribu
    2 Alex Camille – Gangrel antitribu
    2 Mimir – Gangrel antitribu
    2 Synner-G – Gangrel antitribu
    2 Badr, Shadow of Granada – Lasombra
    2 Carolina Vález – Lasombra
    2 Claudia – Lasombra
    2 Drozodny – Malkavian antitribu
    2 Pearl – Malkavian antitribu
    2 Skulk – Nosferatu antitribu
    2 Strohmann – Nosferatu antitribu
    2 Amber – Toreador antitribu
    2 Mélusine d’Anjou – Toreador antitribu
    2 Gerald FitzGerald – Tremere antitribu
    2 Johannes Worringen – Tremere antitribu
    2 Ludmijla Rakoczy – Tzimisce
    2 Righteous Endeavor – Tzimisce
    2 Xipe Totec – Tzimisce
    2 Aimery Methuin – Ventrue antitribu
    2 De Sade – Ventrue antitribu

    4 Dark Steel
    3 Esprit de Corps
    4 Inside Dirt (CARD CHANGE)
    4 Instantaneous Transformation
    3 Marked Territory
    4 Public Vilification (CARD CHANGE AND NEW ART)
    4 Recruitment Exercise (NEW ART)
    4 Shadow Boxing
    4 Shakar: the Hunt
    4 Show of Force (CARD CHANGE AND NEW ART)
    4 Spoils of War (NEW ART)
    4 Under Siege